Style Brief

A heavenly, flower-FORWARD JUNE WEDDING in shades of white at St. Patrick's & The New York Public Library.

A stunning NYC wedding in summer whites at the most iconic venues in the city.  The reception designed was inspired by the laser cut lace pattern that we had created for their wedding invitations, and was replicated in several design details such as the dance floor and bar.  Gilded cocktail tables in Astor Hall were topped with canopies of white hanging roses, while a sequin-clad violinist serenaded from a glowing lucite violin.  Guests were escorted to the reception by our rosebud ladies, where Bartos Forum was transformed into an ethereal wonderland with wall-to-wall white carpet, bespoke white rose patterned walls, and the entire perimeter ceiling covered in hanging florals and ribbons.  A magical night indeed.